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Warm welcome to all of you in Ecombd blog- the place of E-commerce in Bangladesh. Yes, we are going to focus on this topic only here. We have a team here or a group of people behind this blog. I am the editor or the leader and I have 15 years of experience with the ICT Sector/Industry of Bangladesh in different capacities. I will try to talk about my background and relationship with this sector in a future post. For the time being let me focus on this blog only.

I like to talk a little bit about the team. Mehdi Hassan has also decent amount of experience with ICT. Kamrul Hasan is almost finishing his Bachelor Degree in English and he has been a blogger since 2007. Abdul Aziz Liton is our photographer. We have another 2-3 part time writers. I will try to write an About Us page in near future.

E-Commerce is a new phenomenon in the country. I think it was I who wrote one of the earliest cover stories about this topic in the Monthly Computer Bichitra (an ICT Magazine) in May 2000. Yes, it was more than 14 years ago. I will try to collect a copy of that article and put the translation here. Back then, use of Internet was limited, there was perhaps no credit card and even e-commerce had no legal framework.

Until 2009, hardly anything changed. Things started to change from 2011 and in 2013, Bangladesh saw the first E-Commerce fair. Then in 2013, there were 4 such fairs in Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong and London. The next Dhaka fair is going to held in the last week of September. Hopefully, Ecombd will have significant presence in the fair and we will cover the fair from now even more than the Computer Jagat, the organizer of the fair.

We will also focus on making a comprehensive list of E-Commerce websites in Bangladesh. Making such a list is tough and will surely take time. However, we will try our best.

We like to cover the industry as much as possible. We want to cover everything related to E-commerce sector in Bangladesh. We want to interview the people related to it, mention all the news, press release, talk about research articles and researchers- in short everything related to the industry. We also have some plan to upload videos in YouTube about this industry.

Well, it sounds to be highly ambitious. We will try our best to cover the ecommerce sector in Bangladesh. We need your support to do it. Read our blog, comment, bookmark, share our articles in Facebook, send us press release and be in touch with us in any capacity. If you are a journalist then please mention this blog in your report. If you are a blogger then write about us. If you are a professor then mention our blog to your students.

Finally, happy reading and be with us.

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